Published On: Sat, Dec 6th, 2014

Canvas Creations

When we moved inMW Canvas Creations3to our new home I noticed how few pictures I had to put up. So I went to the local craft shop and purchased a number of canvases in different sizes and covered them with beautiful fabric.  Voila!  Beautiful pictures.

While covering the numerous canvases, my kids got hold of one and asked if they could draw on it. Sure I thought, why not. I can still cover it in fabric and no one will know what’s underneath. As I busied myself with the task at hand, I watched as they each put themselves on the huge canvas in ink. They were drawing so carefully, as if the canvas encouraged them to make a special effort. It became clear very quickly to me, that this canvas could not be covered.

As they drew, they chattered to each other about what they were doing. Video, grab the camera! I highly recommend this. Its great to have something on film in the creation that you can actually touch in the end and treasure. It also tends to be a lovely sibling interaction, something they can do together from toddler to teen, and where everybody wins. My kids unknowingly tended to divide the canvas into three sections, sticking to the space in front of them to draw.  If we were to do this again, I would ask them to talk about what they were going to draw first and try to tie the three sections together through a story.

If you have more than one working on the canvas, try to have everybody on the same side, so the bigger the canvas the better. Kids on the same side means that you will not get upside down drawings. We ended up with a house falling from the sky. Also remember to put the date on the canvas. I even got my kids to write their ages on.

My kids were using texta, but you could use all sorts of things. Paint, charcoal, or oil crayons.

There is a spray you can purchase from your craft shop which seals the artwork to protect it if you do choose something that is going to easily rub off.  If you do use texta, strong and vibrant. Go for the good quality.  Many of the cheapie shops sell the canvases in a variety of sizes. Price of course depends on size. From memory, our 2.5 x 1.0 meter canvas sat around the $30 mark.

Putting your children’s pictures up on the wall helps them to feel you value their contributions, are proud of what they do, and to understand that they are a member of the household where their individual creativity and tastes matter. One day when they have all left the family home, I shall enjoy looking at this picture along with the video, and be able to relive a little of the experience.

Granted you may not want to put it in the lounge or dining room. But it doesn’t matter where you put it up, as long as it’s up!

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