Why You Need Board Games Under Your Tree By Danielle Mantakoul

BA of Ed Early Childhood and Editor at Mummy Weekly
She's described as one of the most engaging & dynamic speakers in the early childhood industry today, now having educated hundreds of thousands of parents & teachers. She has lectured for organisations such as KU Children’s Services, Only About Children, Qantas, National Australia Bank, Child Protection Australia, Goodstart and hundreds of council & private centres. She also developed and ran the popular parenting series for the Australian Financial Review.
Danielle Mantakoul

When I was a child I lived with my grandmother, and every second week to give her a break, my Aunty Maureen and Uncle Vic would have me for the weekend. I remember these days as happy times in a childhood that was full of confusion and uncertainty. Why? Because my Aunty would play board game after board game after board game with me. Trouble, Battle More...

by Danielle Mantakoul | Published 6 years ago
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DIY Natural Christmas Tree

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Star Flowers

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