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Creative Shelving Ideas For Your Home

Creative Shelving Ideas For Your HomeIt’s fairly common to have more stuff than space in your home; however, this will often come down to a lack of places to put things, and is why clutter builds up so quickly. Adapting some of the below shelving ideas will not only help to improve space in your home, but will also be a little bit of fun in the process!

The Traditional
You just can’t go past the bookshelf. An oldie but a goodie, these pieces of furniture can not only be used for books but for pot plants, photos, fruit bowls and tea pots. If it’s an industrial look you’re going for though, and you have a variety of shapes to shelve, then something along the lines of Longspan shelving from Elbowroom could be the perfect choice. This type of storage can cater to the weird, the wacky and the wonderful as it can be installed to suit anything you want.

The Resourceful
Incorporating shelving that has more than one use is a great way to utilise space in your home. There is so much underused space in a house, and it’s these secret gaps that can be transformed into unique shelving, while still holding on to its original purpose. Think staircases, coffee tables, ceiling rafters and bar stools, just to name a few. Shelving books in these types of spacCreative Shelving Ideas For Your Homees are often the best choice as they’re sturdy enough to be rocked around and moved constantly. And for a really quirky touch, attach small potted plants to DIY shelving in between the legs of bar stools.

The Recyclable
What items at your house are being underutilised or not used at all? Old books are something many people have lying around, and if you’re not one of those people that gets attached to them, why not screw some shelving racks to the wall and lie the books on top as bases for a very creative shelving solution. Ladders are also a great resource and are another item that gets forgotten, particularly the old wooden ones. One of these propped up against the wall could be the perfect home for all your bits and bobs.

The Focal Point
Don’t hide your shelving – let it shine! Because shelving can often be bulky and awkward, why don’t you stop trying to get it to work with the wall, but instead letCreative Shelving Ideas For Your Home2 it become the centre of attention? Make it a focal feature of the space; a work of art all on its own. Pick a colour, a texture or a material that is slightly bolder, brighter or edgier than the other items in the space, and guests won’t be able to take their eyes off it!

The simple fact is, everyone needs home shelving in some shape or form, otherwise there would be a whole heap of stuff lying around or shoved into storage – and what’s the point of having trinkets, memorabilia, books and vases if you can’t show them off? Shelving has become an art form of its own over the years, so you are now spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect solution for your home.

What sort of shelving do you use? Is it the best choice for the space it’s in?

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