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Cruising Destinations In Australia

Cruising Destinations In AustraliaAustralia is a vast country of wide ranging terrain, from the beautiful coastlines to the harsh red centre. There is just so much to see and most destinations are family friendly. Take some time to consider some of these options for your next family holiday.

Cruising The Coast
Australia is an island nation, surrounded on all sides by the sea. This makes it perfect for the cruising holiday. You can cruise along the east coast of Australia and enjoy the amazing sights of the Great Barrier Reef and the myriad of beautiful islands and white sandy beaches that are sprinkled throughout the turquoise waters of the Reef. You can cruise from Sydney Harbour to Melbourne or perhaps traverse the Bass Strait and embark on a Tasmanian cruise. Tasmania boasts stunning scenery and is of great historical interest. Cruiseabout Australia has details of the many Australian cruises available for families to enjoy.

For families that enjoy the beach, Patonga is a great holiday destination. It remains a sleepy coastal town that hasn’t yet caught up with the fast pace and high-rise buildings of most coastal towns. It boasts an old fashioned feel, with quiet and peaceful surroundings. You can rent a beach cottage with a creek on one side where you can fish and canoe, and a calm ocean on the other, great for swimming and sand castle building.

Rottnest Island
Rottnest Island is an amazing kid friendly destination. With no cars on the island the family will love riding pushbikes on the quiet roads. The beaches are some of the most pristine you will find anywhere and there are over 60 beaches and 20 bays, most of them very private. TCruising Destinations In Australia2he quokka is a cute native marsupial that inhabits the island. These are fun to spot and watch. You get to Rottnest on a short 25 minute ferry trip from Perth.

The Red Centre
The Australian outback is the heart and soul of Australia. Because of the vast distances involved it is a good idea to fly into Alice Springs and make it your base. From there you can hire a car or join a tour and see some of the amazing sights the Territory has to offer. The Alice Springs Desert Park welcomes children and they will get to see all sorts of wildlife including emus, bilbies, rock wallabies, birds and reptiles. Uluru offers lots of action for the children including camel rides and a base walk of the great rock. A holiday to the red centre will show your children the real essence of Australia.

Northern New South Wales
This area has become a really popular holiday destination. It offers so much. The coastline is exquisite and there are lots of great places to stay including Port Stephens, Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour. Inland you will find beautiful rainforest, scenic lakes and national parks, where much fun can be had bushwalking, fishing and camping. There is loads of accommodation, distances aren’t vast and there’s plenty to see and do.

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