Published On: Sun, Nov 16th, 2014

DIY Christmas Party Decor on a Budget

Christmas may be a time of joy and selfless giving, but all that happiness comes at a cost… literally. Buying gifts for everyone, paying end-of-year bills, and, for some of us, less income as we take a holiday break – all of this can really add up to financial trouble during the otherwise jolly season. When you’ve committed to hosting a Christmas party in your home, there’s one extra thing to pay for. But don’t cordon off the chimney just yet; the below four tips for DIY Christmas party decorations will help you light up your house without burning down the budget.

1. Make a DIY PlanChristmas List
Running into things blind is a sure way to find yourself overwhelmed and underprepared come party day. Set up a plan for yourself. A nice and simple way to do this is to write a list of everything you’ll need for your décor and then categorise them into columns: one for things you can make yourself and one for things you will have to purchase. You could also put together a timetable that lists what items you’ll create on which day. Setting small goals like this will help you stay motivated and make the whole process more manageable.

Some traditional items that should make their way into your DIY column include:

  • Wreaths (you’ll need some tree leaf clippings, wire, glue, and other festive accessories like pinecones or flowers)
  • A personalised advent calendar
  • Baubles and ornaments for the tree
  • Christmas-themed covers for tables and other surfaces (e.g. you could use a high quality wrapping paper)

2. Enlist the Kids
What are they doing anyway with no school? Most likely playing video games or lounging around texting their friends. Get them a pair of scissors and some materials and they can pitch in! You never know – their young minds might just come up with something festive and original that you hadn’t thought of. Plus, it’ll give them something constructive to do together with the family during all their free time.

3. Outsource the Food
If you’re set on producing most of your Christmas party decorations yourself, you’ll find you have more money to spend on otherChristmas Craftaspects of the party, but not as much time to organise those aspects. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to hand over a hugely stressful element of any party – the food – to a professional third party, leaving you free to concentrate your efforts on the DIY decorations. Luckily, there are companies that specialise in catering for parties on a budget, such as Noosh Catering who can handle your party’s dietary requirements affordably and deliciously.

4. Make the Decorating the Party
A popular trend now is to host ‘Christmas decorating parties,’ which involve inviting a bunch of friends over and getting arty and crafty together. Whether you’re making wreaths or decorating the tree together, putting your artistic skills to the test in the company of your favourite people is a sure way to create Christmas cheer.

Hosting a Christmas party is an exciting and delightful thing to do and, if you’re creative and clever, you can change your home into a holiday wonderland without breaking the bank.

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