Published On: Tue, May 15th, 2018

Does Weight Watchers Really Work?

I have lost weight before. Only six kilos back in 2013, but at the time it was a huge achievement as I had done it myself using a little xbox game called Just Dance. Six dances in the morning, six at night. I became addicted until 6 kilos had melted away. But then, the cruise! Food any time of the day and pretty much anything you want! We were eating so much that we even gave some of our eating experiences names such as ‘midnight cookie feast’ where we would come out of our cabin at night, go up to the near empty restaurant and eat the cookies they had on offer just for people like us.

Arriving back on land and a few kilos heavier, I picked up my all or nothing mentality. I had eaten just about everything on the ship, so why stop there.

So I literally plodded along for a few years continuing to gain weight until I watched with great interest a work friend losing the pounds with Weight Watchers. If she could do it, maybe I could? So I joined online, went to a meeting, downloaded an app and crossed my fingers. Before kids 13 years ago I was 56kg. Starting WW I was 71kg. Five weeks into it, Weight watchersI have lost 6.5kg’s. I am having amazing success with it being so much easier than I thought.

So what’s making it feel so easy? For me it’s this cool little app that they have to help you track what you eat. But not only does it do that, it tells you how many points food items are worth when you write them in or scan their barcode! This scanner is so cool, and for someone like me who detests reading the backs of packets to find out how much sugar, fat bla bla bla, this is making my journey easier and feeling most achievable!  

So if you like me have tried to lose weight before, perhaps the app is just the new magic you need. So, does Weight Watchers really work? 58kg here I come!

By Danielle Mantakoul

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