Published On: Thu, Mar 19th, 2015

Elektra Thermo Insulated Pram Organiser

Newborns need so many tThermo_Insulated_Pram_Organiser3_2048x2048hings, from nappies to clothes to cots and car seats and as parents constantly on the go with our kids, we find ourselves needing many items at our fingertips especially when it comes to babies.

Introducing the Elektra Thermo Insulated Pram Organiser, a storage carrier for taking essentials on the go. It is available in three colours and two sizes that will help in enhancing the look of the stroller and adding some style to your fashion.

It comes in a regular size that will fit most prams (35-45cm span) or a larger size that will fit bigger prams (40–50 cm span). The Elektra Organiser is quickly taking over the market as the best universal pram accessory, and is made of the best materials for extra durability.

Key Features include:

  • Detachable purse with wrist strap
  • Made of high quality Neoprene, one can securely hold drinks while maintaining their temperature and without spills.
  • Attractive stroller handlebar organiser
  • Easy to attach to any kind of pram
  • Top loading for convenient storage
  • Nice baby bottle holder
  • Zip up pockets for valuables like keys, wallets etc
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Machine Washable
  • Comes in aqua, black and grey.

Facility of Express Shipping is available with payment of just $3. FREE postage service anywhere in Australia. You can order yours at Elektrabub Online

If you currently own the Pram Organiser, we would love to hear your comments below.

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  1. Carla B says:

    ‘Pram organiser, yes, that’s on the list’ I promptly get a look from my husband that says “do we really need a…..” followed by the comment of “you could just take less stuff!”

    To the husband, ‘stuff’ is the mortal enemy, but anyone with children (mother’s) understand that the ‘stuff’ are those imperative items that if you try and take less of it, something invariably happens and you were wishing that you had that ‘stuff’ on hand.

    So for our first baby, I thought yes, maybe I could do without a pram organiser. It was going to be fine I thought, because I could still reach down into the undercarriage of the pram to get the wipes, rusk, toy, wallet, phone, water bottle and still keep an eye on our precious cargo. However anyone knows that when you add another child into the equation, well it can get mighty tricky! With one eye on the baby and one balancing precariously between the preschooler who is trying to sprint free and the bottom of the pram, the hand reaches down and fumbles for the item that is needed at the time, usually urgently and every time, it brings up the incorrect item!

    Not this time I thought…I was going to take charge and when the Elektra Thermo Insulated Pram Organiser found its way into my hand, I was sure pleased it did!

    The Elektra sets out to do its exact purpose…organise those items you need at hand whilst using your pram or stroller.

    I used the black regular size (35-45 cm) organiser with both my pram, the Baby Jogger City Select and my stroller, the Maclaren Globetrotter and it was compatible with both. However when using it on my pram, the telescoping handlebar had to be fully extended to fit the pram organiser comfortably.

    The side compartments were large and stable enough to fit a large 500 ml children’s metal drink bottle, a large baby bottle, a large take away coffee cup and a large 600 ml adult drink bottle. I found this to be quite advantageous as my needs for the drinks compartment change constantly, therefore I knew that what ever I had at that time would fit comfortably and well.

    The centre section held a myriad of toys, food items (rusks, snacks) and my phone for easy access. Just pop in your hand and retrieve what you need. The front zippered removable section securely held my large key ring, headphones and money (as there is no where I could store my wallet securely due to its size). I would have liked to have seen a closable flap available to use over the centre section for times you stepped away from your pram in the park, but it was still effective without it.

    I enjoyed the fact that the insulation kept the drinks at their intended temperature, the durable canvas internal lining made the organiser physically stronger and the neoprene exterior made it easy to wipe clean when necessary. The detachable purse with the wrist strap was great when you wanted to go for a quick walk and didn’t need all of the items or had to duck into a shop and needed a little bit of money and your keys held securely. I also enjoyed the feature of being able to tuck my headphones into the detachable pouch and use through the access point was an added bonus.

    It also has two extra small hard plastic loops near the attachment points for extra use. These came in handy when I wanted to hook on an extra toy and a small board book on a ring.

    Whilst it is an easy pram organiser to transfer between prams and strollers with differing handle bars (and I even tried it on my neighbours Peg Perego pram), the velcro straps used for attaching can be a little precarious at times. I needed to make sure they were attached securely around each handle and that the velcro met exactly, as if I didn’t, the minute I tried to add any weight, the organiser detached and was left waving in the wind!

    On the whole it is a good product, one that fits its description well and for myself who still likes to take a decent amount of ‘stuff’, it has coped well. I am glad I have a pram organiser for baby number two, because having most things in reaching distance is just a necessary practicality! (PG)


  2. K. Wills says:

    The Elektra thermo insulated pram organiser is sturdily built from wetsuit-type material which can be easily washed in the washing machine. It has a funky look with a timeless grey and white zig-zag pattern.

    The Elektra thermo insulated pram organiser is easily attached to your pram with 2 strong Velcro straps. When folding up your pram there is no need to remove the organiser as it folds flat or scrunches up, catering to all sorts of pram designs.

    The main storage compartment is open topped for easy access with two bottle holders at each end and a large central storage area for suncream, wipes, hats, toys etc.

    A second secure storage pouch can be conveniently detached via a zipper. It is perfect for valuables such as wallets, keys, dummies and MP3 players. It even has a small opening to feed your earphones through.

    I enjoy using this pram organiser. It is strong, functional, convenient, and it looks good! I would recommend the Electra thermo insulated pram organiser. (PG)

    K. Wills

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