Published On: Thu, Dec 11th, 2014

Finger Painting

Finger Painting is not only a classic but also a great exeMW Finger Paintingrcise for kids to stimulate their tactile sensory development. Of course it is good for creativity to play with colours and shapes, create a picture etc, but using the fingers instead of a paintbrush is enhancing a different area of the brain. There are more nerve endings in the palms of the hand and souls of the feet than any other place in the body. In recent times sensory processing is being encouraged with such things as sensory toys and activities, so I thought I’d go and get my hands dirty. Literally.

Adding texture
The kids were given finger paints for a recent birthday so we busted them out. Just like regular paint but with a bit of texture. You can get the same effect with normal water-based paints (not oil please – this IS finger painting) by adding some texture. Try adding sand or glitter, even flour can add some body to the paint and it makes it easier for the kids to hold onto. You might even want to experiment with leaves, flowers and why not breakfast cereal? The kids have almost as much fun touching the finished product as they do creating it.

Age Range
Most suitable for the Pre-Schooler age (3-5) but I knew my oldest at Kindy-age (5-6) would get a real kick out of it too. A word of advice here… Put my 3yo boy to it on his own in the week, very content and very little mess. Add a 5yo to the mix, and there was just as much paint on them as there was on the paper. Seems this is best played as an individual sport.

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