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Four Fun Ways To Exercise

Four Fun Ways To ExerciseDoes the thought of stepping on the treadmill to complete a five kilometre run make you want to give up before you’ve even started? It’s common to experience motivational lulls in your fitness regime; let’s face it, moving your legs in rigid form get awfully monotonous after a while. Humans are creatures of habit, once we’ve done the same thing for a long period of time (especially exercise), it not only becomes boring but our body’s get used to it and they stop reacting that way we’d like them to. Can you guess what that results in? Yep, you guessed it – a plateau. If you’re experiencing this and want to spice up your workout, try one of these fun activities.

Aerial Yoga
You’ve tried every type of yoga from the cool hatha to the sweat inducing Bikram, but have you ever considered aerial yoga? Never heard of it? Well it’s exactly what you think it is – yoga in the air. How is this possible? With hammocks of course. This unique fusion yoga technique has been around for a number of years and works in a revolutionary way to relieve compressed joints and align your body from head to toe. Once you’ve mastered the simple inversions and attempt some of the advanced poses, you get to lie back and relax in savasana pose (corpse pose) in the comforts of your elevated hammock. What could be better?

Nia Dance
Are you finding that your regular old exercise doesn’t allow you to fully express yourself? If you lead a stressful life, rid yourself of that bad energy through the movement of Nia dance. In this one practice, you will experience the joy of dance, the smoothness of yoga, the strength of martial arts and the intensity of Pilates.  In layman’s terms, its hippie dancing that makes you move like no one’s watching. It’s a truly enlightening form of exercise and as you leave, you are an energized person without a care in the world.

Rock Climbing
We climbed everything imaginable when we were children, so why shouldn’t we continue it later in life. Rock climbing is an adrenaline inducing activity that makes you feel like you’re risking life and limb with each rock you attach your fingers Four Fun Ways To Exercise2to. Well, it’s actually a lot safer than just described, you are in a harness after all. Rock climbing is a great way to meet new people and best of all, you can do it all year round.

Belly Dancing
Belly dancing is a fun and liberating exercise that really focuses on the “mummy bundles” being the tum, hips and thighs. It is an intense traditional and cultural experience that will get you breaking out into a sweat in no time, as you move to music that truly engages the soul. The coin belts are beautiful and often provided by the teachers to further transcend you into the activity.

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