Published On: Sun, Dec 14th, 2014

French Knitting

Before you Start:
To make a french knitting spool is very easy with a toilet roll and four icecream sticks. Use good strong glue that can cope with a bit of handling. I used the Mummy’s all-time favourite – superglue!

Getting Started:
Thread your wool through the middle of the machine, leaving an inch or so coming out of the other end. Start to loop the wool around the sticks, either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Doesn’t matter which direction you go in, just so long as you continue in the same way. The wool must pass through the inside of the spool, not the outside, as you loop around.

MW French Knitting3 MW French Knitting4

MW French Knitting5








And then go around all four sticks again.

The Loops:
Once you have two loops on each stick, then one-by-one lift the bottom loop over the top one and releaseMW French Knitting8 it into the middle. GMW French Knitting6ive the wool a gentle tug from underneath (the leader) and continue to loop around, following in the same direction. Don’t worry of your knitting doesn’t look so great at first, you will need to do a couple of rounds before it starts taking shape. Soon enough you will have your knitting coming out from the bottom of the machine. This makes quite loose knitting, the narrower the space, the tighter the knit.

MW French Knitting10 MW French Knitting9

Casting off:
Cut the wool from the ball leaving a couple of inches, and knit your spool so you have just one loop around each stick. Then one at a time take the remaining loop off the stick and thread the cut end of the wool through from the inside to the outer. Repeat for all needles. Pull firmly to tighten the last knot, and  there you have French Knitting.

MW French Knitting11Make great doll scarves, hair bands or ties, or the sides can be sewn together to make wider pieces to use for beanies, bags, all sorts.

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