Published On: Tue, Apr 1st, 2014

Frozen Review

As my children get older, goFrozen reviewing to the cinema is becoming a regular event. We went along one Saturday afternoon to see Frozen because that’s all that seemed to be on we thought the kids might sit through. Little did I know we were about to see one of those movies. You know, the ones you never forget. The ones you want to step into, BE one of the characters. The ones that make you feel saddened and happy at the same time. The ones where time and time again throughout you are in wonder, on the edge of your seat or even trying to sing a song you have never even heard before. Damn that snowman song!

It was evident to me that Frozen was going to have an impact. I was right. I began to witness little girls at preschool put their socks on their hands to imitate the long white arms of Elsa. Suddenly the word “fractal” was a topic at my dinner table. Party invitations were beginning to have snow themes where most kids that would attend have never even seen snow!

Recently in the wee hours of the morning I get up to let the dog out and can hear music. Wait, it’s coming from upstairs! I race up and discover my seven year old Bella sitting in front of the DVD player singing her little heart out to “Let It Go”. IT’S 2AM!

When beautiful princesses sing about being gassy and stuffing chocolate in their face, it shows me that Disney continues to change with the times. No longer is the princess expected to be flawless but alas, human! As for the unexpected path we were taken on to true love, how refreshing. If you saw that coming then you are a genius.

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