Published On: Sat, Dec 6th, 2014


gardeningGet some seeds from the nearest shop or from the fruit, veg or herbs you consume. Grab some potting mix, my local supermarket even sells it for $3.50 a bag. You can use soil anywhere from the garden if you like, ideally mix some compost in with it to intensify the nutrients. Get a few small pots or a planting tray (I hold onto little pots for this very reason – if you don’t have any then look around you, the bottom of plastic bottles with a couple holes pierced through the base will do just fine or even cardboard rolls) and fill with soil/mix.  Make small dents with fingers in the soil and drop a seed or 2 in each hole. Cover gently with soil (not too deep) and water. They will need watering every day, twice a day if it gets very hot and dry. I don’t have the best memory (I blame the kids!) so they are in charge of the daily watering. Keep them in a nice sunny spot. The kids also made little signs to stick in the pots to remind us of what we planted. Doesn’t need to be fancy, just a piece of paper torn into sections and slid down into the side of the pot to remind you of what was planted.MW Gardening2

The Waiting Game
Water every day, and if there is going to be some action it will happen in 7-10 days generally. I recommend for novices planting Sunflower seeds, they are sturdy and fast growing.  Once the seeds have taken and become lovely little sprouts, when they are big enough (5-10cm high) then gently separate them into either the ground or whatever is suitable for your garden.  Don’t forget to keep watering them daily.

Planting UpdateMW Gardening3
After almost 2 weeks of careful watering and tending to my seeds, I have a winner. Good old pumpkin. I wasn’t sure if I was going to have any success, particularly as my toddler loves so much to poke his fingers into the pots, and knocks them over accidentally, and sits on them from time to time.

The trusty pumpkin seeds are not only aplenty in just one piece from the supermarket, but will withstand quite a lot of torture from a kid too.

When they are a little bit taller than this I will gently take them out of the pot and place into the ground in a nice sunny spot, somewhere my mini-destructor doesn’t frequent.
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