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Help Relieve Stress with These Useful Tips

Stress is a part of our everyday, and while there are some productive levels of stress, we show you how you can relieve stress with these useful tips. For the most part, unmanaged stress results in a myriad of problems that can affect our health, personal relationships, and overall wellbeing. So, with the ongoing and ever increasing pressures of modern living, how do we better manage or relieve our stress? Read on for some useful tips.

Child Free Time
Every parent needs child free time and while this can be difficult to find, it is possible when you carefully consider your options. By making use of babysitters, daycare, occasional care and of course family and friends, you can schedule some child free time on a regular basis to get back someStress4 you time. You’ll also find that having the kids out of the house you will get through that housework faster. An untidy house can be a substantial cause for stress in many women.

Sleep Is Your Saviour
Ever had one or a series of poor night’s sleep? How did you feel the next day? Cranky, irritated or even emotional? There’s an amazing series of chemical reactions that take place during sleep, and if you don’t get the right quantity and quality of Z’s, your mood, concentration and general outlook on life are negatively affected. Start with establishing a sleep routine; go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. Avoid screen time of any description at least one hour before hitting the sack and make sure you give the caffeine a miss after about midday. It’s all about priming the body for sleep rather than being busy right up until bedtime and then wondering why you can’t fall asleep. Also, it might be time to invest in a new mattress. Look for a mattress that’s endorsed by people in the know (e.g. chiropractors) and head to a retailer who guarantees the comfort of your mattress by offering an exchange if you’re not happy with it, such as Sleepy’s.

Diet Dos and Don’ts
Similar to sleep, the types of foods and drinks we consume play a pivotal role in what goes on in our internal chemistry labs. Substances like alcohol, caffeine and sugar can dramatically affect our blood glucose and insulin levels arelieving stress2nd trigger the release of the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone is a major player in our body’s innate ‘fight or flight’ response, which harps back to our days as hunters and gatherers. In a nutshell, by consuming too much caffeine and sugar, you can easily trigger this response that is designed to save your life if you’re in danger. If this goes on for a sustained period of time, you’ll probably start to experience physical and mental exhaustion. Your risk of serious health problems, such as heart disease, is also significantly increased.

Exercise Yourself Calm
One of the single most effective ways to sort out our body’s haywire chemistry and to get things back on an even keel is to exercise. When we exercirelieving stress1se, our bodies naturally release endorphins, which are fantastic at dissipating chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline.

Creative Outlets
Alongside exercise, other really effective stress reducing activities are hobbies, creative projects, and getting together with some friends. Having creative outlets as well as a good old laugh are also really fundamental stress management tools that you should add to your repertoire.

Don’t stress about stress. It’s always going to be there, you just need to be the boss and keep it in check. Incorporate some of the lifestyle tips above and find your inner Zen.

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