Published On: Mon, Dec 8th, 2014

Homemade Puppet Theatre

The recommended age for this one is 6+years due to the amount of cutting. If you have a preschooler though that’s great with scissors, they too may find this activity loads of fun. Blu tack is one of the materials used, so keep an eye on any little ones around with this activity.

What you will need: Large cardboard box, colouring book & textas, sticky tape, scissors, Blu tack, straws.

MW Homemade Puppet Theatre

Colour some characters in from a colouring book

MW Homemade Puppet Theatre2

Cut the characters out. Preschoolers may need a little help with this

MW Homemade Puppet Theatre3

Using the straws, turn the characters over and sticky tape the straw on







MW Homemade Puppet Theatre4

Place a ball of bluetack on the bottom of each characters straw. This will allow them to stand and easily be repositioned by kids

MW Homemade Puppet Theatre6

Place the characters into the theatre. To make the theatre, simply take a good sized box and cut for your kids a large hole in each side

MW Homemade Puppet Theatre7

My kids added crepe paper to make straw, but any props can be added to keep in theme with the child’s story line

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