Published On: Wed, Mar 11th, 2015

How You Can Get Your Child’s Hair Washed With NO TEARS!

Danielle Mantakoul

IMG_2053My sons have for as long as I can remember not liked their hair washed with Aidan especially protesting at the sight of the shampoo bottle. I tried those funny kids caps, telling them to lie back in the bath, numerous hold your head back in the shower and face washers over eyes and noses when rinsing. I also tried many a product that claimed no more tears, but I found that the feeling of the water running down their faces just as much as the shampoo in their eyes caused them distress.

No matter what I tried, there was always a kerfuffle ending in complaints and tears and me smothering them with sorry, sorry sorry nearly finished! Then one day while in the bath, my daughter asked me if she could have her goggles. Sure why not I thought. It was when I went to rinse the shampoo out of her hair that I realised this goggle wearing child might be on to something. I couldn’t wait to try the idea on the boys.

At the next shower I gave Aidan the goggles and explained this would keep the water and shampoo out of his eyes. He was happy to try as goggles were familiar to him. It worked, and we have never looked back. I had discovered how to get the kids hair washed with no tears!

If you too are having trouble, I encourage you to try goggles when rinsing shampoo out of hair BUT, the type of goggles matters. You want the ones that are more of a mask as they have a wider eye area and a plastic piece that covers the nose. I adapted ours a little and cut the bottom of the nose out so the kids could breathe better. Ours were $5 at K-Mart.

Happy shampooing!

Danielle Mantakoul
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