Published On: Fri, Dec 12th, 2014

Lego Box Pop Scenes

Do not throw out your Lego boxes! They make cool wall scenes for your child’s bedroom.

MW Lego Box Pop Scenes

Kids get lots of Lego recently? Recycle your boxes to create cool wall scenes for their bedrooms

MW Lego Box Pop Scenes2

Not only can you use the front pictures on the boxes, there’s great pictures on the side

MW Lego Box Pop Scenes3

Carefully cut out your chosen pictures. Ensure good scissors used so cutting precise

MW Lego Box Pop Scenes4

Place Blutack on the back of your chosen pieces. Ensure you use big blobs so your piece sticks out from the wall to give it a pop out effect

MW Lego Box Pop Scenes5

Place your pictures on the wall ensuring you don’t press the Blutack down too much. Pictures should pop out

MW Lego Box Pop Scenes6

Get your kids to help create the scene which can easily be changed as often as kids like! We also added some planets we had lying around



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