Published On: Mon, Dec 8th, 2014

Magic Water Painting

When the weather gets warmer, kids tend to want to start playing with water. Spring can tend to be a time where we are not quite ready for them to totally get wet, but can understand where their desire comes from as it starts to heat up. There is a perfect Spring time activity that involves water play, but with your child having a good chance to not get drenched. It’s Magic Painting, no paint involved.

What you will need is a child sized bucket with handle, preferably with a wide base, this reduces the chance of tipping. You will also need an adult sized paint brush. The bucket I got from Kmart for $3, and the paintbrush, in a pack of three for $2 from the cheapie shop. You can also buy brush packets with different sized brushes in them, this can add to the fun. Then,water.

Fill the bucket around a quarter of the way full to help avoid spillage. Show your kids how they can dip the brush into the bucket of water and then paint on anything in the backyard. Some surfaces the water shows up better than others making it look like the child has actually painted. Below were the surfaces that worked well at our house. Concrete is a winner along with most rocks, as too with any dark painted surface, such as our gate. I would also imagine wooden fences painted with water would also show up quite well. When the kids paint with the water over the object, the effect the water gives is that they are actually painting. For you, no messy paint, just water. For them heaps of fun. Kids who tend to love this activity fall into the 2-5 age group.

MW Magic Water Painting

Magic Painting on Rocks

MW Magic Water Painting2

Magic Painting on Wood

MW Magic Water Painting3

Magic Painting on Concrete

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