Published On: Sat, Oct 18th, 2014

Make Olaf From Frozen

Frozen olaf2Party? Make Olaf!

What You Will Need:
2 balls of differing sizes
Masking tape
A bowl to sit Olaf in
Toilet Paper Rolls
Twigs for arms
Paper, textas and scissors to create buttons eyes and nose
Glue and brushes
Glasses optional
“In Summer” song by Olaf playing a must during creation
Place the larger ball into a bowl for stability. Keep in mind Olaf will have to stay in this bowl so find one you don’t tend to Make Olaf From Frozenuse. On top put the smaller ball and masking tape in place well. Get kids to tear off squares of toilet paper, scrunch them up and paste onto the ball until you have a totally covered Olaf. Draw circles, colour, cut and paste onto front for eyes, buttons and nose. We used a round nose but if you are after more of an Olaf look go a paper cone shaped nose. Masking tape arms in place. It’s important to do this last as you can find they will get in the way as the kids are working. Singing “In Summer” as you work will make for a better Olaf. He may even start talking to you! At your Frozen party place Olaf at your front door, use as a table centrepiece or make him as a party activity. Also try making our Indoor Snow! 

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