Published On: Sat, Dec 13th, 2014

Maths Age 3-5

By EurotalkMaths aged 3-5years app
Age Recommendation 3-5 years.
This application contains 10 different sections being:
Sorting and Matching (Free)
Counting to 3
Lines and Patterns
Counting 4 to 6
Where is it?
Counting 7-10
Patterns and Shapes
Counting 1-10
Add and Take Away

You can download the free version to try which gives you the first of 10 sections, sorting and matching, at no cost. There are nine other sections you can purchase individually for $1.99, or you can buy the lot at $10.49. This seems to me a little on the expensive side, especially considering the life of apps. I however still recommend you try the free download to make a decision for yourself. It’s a great little app, and the freebie section has a decent amount for kids to do without you spending a cent.

I love the lady that assists along the way, demonstrating and verbalising to the child how to do each activity before it begins. Her instructions are easy for kids to understand, and it’s great to see her hand on the screen pointing. Kids are very visual creatures, so this helps them to better understand instructions. I love the listening skills kids are made to focus on in this app.

Many kids maths apps are either too easy or too hard, this one however gives the child just the right amount of opportunity for success while pushing their thinking that little bit further. More than one name slot also means that siblings can each have their own spot, and your kids can pick up where they left off.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch & iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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