Published On: Mon, Jul 8th, 2013

Messy Mummy? Take Our Fun Quiz!

Danielle Mantakoul

Remember the tidy Messy Mummyhouse. The one with the nice ornaments on display that you had collected over the years. That statue from Bali, the hand me down piece from Gran, and that cute miniature ceramic animal given to you by your bestie.  Well banished these items are, and with reason. Your home is no longer your own, and now looks like a real estate agents worst nightmare. Were you once house proud and have now given in to the mess like many of us? But how messy are you? Grab a pen if you can find one, tear the corner off that bill, and take our fun messy mummy quiz to find out! A couple of rules first. When complete do not tell anyone your score, and rule number 2, be prepared to lie if questioned!

Is your folding or washing nearly touching the roof? 2 points yes 1 point no. 50 points if you think you may have lost a child in there.

Do you still have a Xmas decoration out anywhere in the house? 2 points yes 1 point no. 50 points if you can see if from where you’re sitting.

“Clear surface”. If you said what’s that add 2 points and please source definition from Google. If your surface consists of one or more of the following add 200 points. A coat hanger, puzzle piece, broken toy or a chewed up something.

There is a 2012 or earlier calendar still up in your house. 2 points yes 1 point no. Add 25 points if it has no writing on it whatsoever, and.. another 2 if it has fluffy cats on it.

Your once beautifully organised handbag is now a treasure trove full of “kid emergency” items. From spare undies to a long forgotten Mcdonalds toy it’s in there. 5 points for the Mcdonalds toy. 0 if you can find a pen in your bag in less than 4.3 seconds.

If your dog or cat sheds and you have given up trying to get the hair off everything, the quiz is finished for you,  that really is a losing battle.

How long has it been since you ironed a teatowel? If in the last week take all points off that you have so far gained. If it was when you were a kid cause your mum made you, 2 points.

If “Toilet Duck” means someone has put the rubber ducky in the loo and he is still there, give yourself 20 points.

You can hear your duster calling you from inside the cupboard but choose to ignore it’s muffled cries. You’ve survived quite nicely with him locked away, and once he’s out, painfully there is no stopping him! 5000 points if you have not seen your duster in more than 9 years.

Your vac is your fulltime assistant. Your a great team, you can be as pushy as you like and it gives you no backchat. 10 points if you don’t talk to your vacuum cleaner. 0 points if you sleep next to it.

You now know the toybox concept is a con. No box in the world was ever going to hold all those toys. 2 points if you got suckered into this. 0 points if you didn’t buy one and chose to buy no toys at all.

Now tally your score and good luck.

0-10 Did you actually have kids?
Your challenge: Take a dirty sock, throw it on the floor and leave it there for 4 days… ok 2. Don’t want to throw the impossible at you and cause pain. After 2 days throw it away. This way you will experience some “I can’t find that stupid sock anywhere” stress. One sock stress is good for the soul.

20-Up Wow your messy!
But hey, there’s a lot of members in your club, and rest assured in 20 years it won’t be the mess you will remember. Your challenge: Save the duster from his torment in that cupboard and throw him out! Yes of course I’m kidding. Put him in the laundry cupboard. You won’t hear him over the dryer.

But seriously. We are Mummy’s, it’s a messy occupation. It’s easy to look at the mess and feel frustration. But try to look at it as a period in your life where a little mess isn’t so important, because trust me, you will one day miss that mess and everything that went with it.

This article is for entertainment purposes only.

By Danielle Mantakoul
Copyright 2013

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