Published On: Wed, May 27th, 2015

Miosolo Reusable Nappies

It was week 12 of Mothmiosoloer’s Group and someone put forth the comment “so, who is using reusable nappies?”

The pleasantries had gone, everyone was on a first name basis. The look of guilt fleeted past the faces of those using disposables, the look of worry of those who thought they should be using reusable nappies, but were still getting a handle of everyday life with a new baby let alone dealing with a nappy that could not be disposed of.

I had heard about the benefits and detriments of a reusable nappy, but I had yet to experience it. When I was introduced to the Miosolo all in one reusable nappy by Bambino Mio I knew that my opportunity had arrived!

I used the Miosolo one size reusable nappy in a sweet ‘rosie posie’ pattern. I was pleased to also find that Bambino Mio offers a number of different designs on their website that suit both genders, however they also offer a non-gender specific designs as well for those who like to mix it up a little.

As I have a little lady who has some very cute 8 month leg rolls, I was interested to see how well the adjustable velcro style closures would work with the differing body shapes of each baby. As the name suggests, ‘mio solo’ literally translates to ‘my only’, therefore they intend for this reusable nappy to the only one that the child will need, eliminating the need to buy more as the child increases in age or size.

The first time I used it, I went straight for the largest setting. It seemed to fit snugly around the legs of my little lady, therefore I assumed I had selected the size correctly. Unfortunately it was not the case, due to my error I ended up with quite a wet all-in-one singlet as the nappy leaked…obviously there was a little more room around her legs than I realised….oops mummy! The second time I used it, I engaged the use of the clever ‘adjustable poppers’ on the front to make it a medium size and it remained in place and succeeded in keeping the moisture contained. The velcro closures make the putting on of the nappy an easy and no fuss experience. You can ensure that they are firmly in place to help even the most active babies remain dry and comfortable.

Absorbency…isn’t that what all parents are concerned about? How dry will it keep my baby and for how long? These are the important questions, especially in the middle of the night! The Miosolo has a super absorbent core that is concealed within the nappy inside a stay-dry inner layer. The inner layer is designed to draw and keep moisture away from your baby’s skin. Whilst they do suggest changing your baby every 2 – 4 hours with the Miosolo, it is really dependent on how much liquid your baby is consuming. I found that after the two hour mark, the nappy was full with moisture, yet the inner layer had kept the moisture away from my baby’s skin and it did feel dry to touch. At the four mark however, the Miosolo was well and truly filled with moisture, my baby’s skin was wet and the distinct odour of urine could be smelt. My baby did not seem comfortable when the nappy was on for four hours and if I was to use these on a permanent basis, I would have to change her every two hours to ensure she was comfortable, which could pose a problem during nap time.

Speaking of nap time, night time nappies…oh my! When night time comes, Babmbino Mio do suggest using a ‘mioboost’ which are booster pads to absorb more moisture over those long periods of time. As I didn’t have these on hand, I thought I would just use the normal nappy to see how well it did through the night. After about 4.5 hours, my little lady was awake and upset by the uncomfortable state she was in. I quickly changed her and her pyjamas and we were back into bed shortly after. I would suggest the use of the mioboost if you are planning on using these overnight.

Now with all of this reusable nappy wearing, there was lots of reusable nappy washing. Miosolo recommends that the nappies can be soaked with a solution they sell online, otherwise they can be popped in a bucket with a tight fitting lid to wait for your next wash. They cleverly have created a place a that the velcro tabs can be folded back and adhered to during washing to prevent fluff build up on the velcro. I found the nappy easy to wash and it came out clean every time (please note that my child never soiled the nappy, so I can only comment on her urinating in it). Once washed, the absorbent inner core is pulled out using an easy tab system to aid in lessening the drying time. On a sunny day, the nappy was quite easy to get dry and was dried in a few hours. On a rainy day however, it did not dry so quickly. Miosolo suggested tumble drying the nappy on a cold setting, which I did, however even after one cycle of cold, the nappy was still not dry. This could be an issue if it is a rainy week and washing is difficult to dry. The material remained soft after each wash and it all remained securely intact.

I enjoyed using the Miosolo reusable nappy, but it is a new experience for someone who has come from disposable nappies. As it suggests, I could see this as an effective system to use from birth to toilet training and if it helps the environment and hip pocket, I could see it being popular with parents of young children. If you would like to know more visit Bambino Mio.

By Carla Bee from Thornleigh NSW


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  2. Stephanie says:

    I used the Misolo Reusable Nappies for my 18 month old daughter. What a cute little nappy for them to pop on, and could picture her waddling around in summer in one of these as the colours are very cute! Whilst it was very absorbent for the first few hours it wouldn’t last more than 3 hours for my daughter until it was too wet and needed changing. The number 2s were a different story! A bit more effort was involved compared to the old disposable nappy and the additional washing/soaking of the nappy as opposed to just popping it in a nappy sack and throwing it all away made me realise how tough my mum had it with 4 kids. Whilst this product was not ‘best fit’ for me and my lifestyle of 3 children I can see the environment benefits which is something to consider. For the mum who is environmentally conscious this is a perfect alternative to the disposable nappy.

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