Published On: Sun, Dec 1st, 2013

My Secret Strength & Support

It’s a proven fact that you get to know who your “real friends” are when a disaster occurs…. but it’s always a surprise to find out who your secret strength and support will be…

My disaster took the form of my husband deciding to walk away from his family… leaving his beautiful 1 year old daughter practically at our door step and me…. clinging on to the hope that this was all just a nightmare that I would soon wake up from.

I spent 10 years of my life creating the “perfect” world for a family….received a  good education, a solid career, gave undivided support to  my husband and tried to be the role model parent to our newborn daughter. …. in my eyes…. our lives were “perfect”.

Yet… a year later… my perfect world crumbled and shattered to a million pieces, while another woman started creating her “perfect” world with my husband.

My parents opened their heMy Secret Strength & Supportarts and their home to a troubled and confused 1 year old and to a daughter who wished the next breath she took was her last.

For people who have been in this situation, you will understand that when you hit rock bottom…. it takes a huge amount of strength to get up and start picking up the pieces of your life….
For me my strength and my support came from the most unusual place…. my one year old princess.

A friend once stated that it may have been easier for me to handle the breakup if I didn’t have a child, if I didn’t have a liability….yet I feel now that my struggle to create another perfect life was made more worthwhile because of her.

So many times, I’ve sat back and thought…. which would I prefer…. an easier life or a more worthwhile life…

Easier would have been stress free, more socially active and definitely more financially secure yet worthwhile would mean that I can leave a legacy in her. I can mould her into a person who the world will one day acknowledge as a “good” soul and be thankful to have them.

Almost 3 years later…. I still remember the heartache of him walking away yet that is all it is…. a memory. In 3 years, I have again created that “perfect” family….this time…. with me and my daughter in it.

For those who have gone through it, I salute you and say “keep going, you are the master of your own life, live it” and for those who have just started the experience…. I say “don’t give up cause your strength lives in places you never thought it to be. Find it and it will lead you to a better place”.

My strength…. my daughter…. did this for me.

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