Published On: Sat, Dec 13th, 2014

Noodle Blocks

MW Noodle Blocks

Grab three pool noodles of varying colours. Go for a minimum of three but the more colours the better.

MW Noodle Blocks2

Cut up the noodles into sections of varying length & shape, careful to cut straight to give blocks stability.

MW Noodle Blocks3

I cut mine up into 5 different block types. Ensure you have a plan before you cut!

MW Noodle Blocks4

My three noodles gave me a good amount of blocks for my kids to build with. The more the better!

MW Noodle Blocks5

They look great and are loads of fun. With any type of blocks, you can always add to the play with plastic animals, shells, cars or people. The options are endless.











Thanks to Tanya de’Beer

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