Published On: Mon, Dec 9th, 2013

OMG Mummy You Did What?

Danielle Mantakoul

OMGAs I look back at some of the things I did to survive when my kids were little I laugh to myself. Was I that desperate to do that? It doesn’t take me long though to tell myself… OF COURSE I WAS! And while some of you may read this and think “how could she” I am sure most of you Mummy’s will gasp, then laugh and then nod in recognition of the crazy stuff we can do to get through a day.

Having three kids in 17 months, sleep was a very important part of my day… their sleep that is, as it gave me time to breathe. To ensure everyone slept at the same time I would load the kids in the car and drive up to Berowra where I knew there were very few points at which I had to stop at traffic lights along the way, because we all know don’t we… stop that car, and there is a good chance someone is going to wake up.

On one occasion while driving, I needed to go to the loo… desperately. As a mummy our needs tend to be on the back burner. I think I was busting for the loo for about three years. Anyway, as I drove and fidgeted in my seat it was becoming evident that I could no longer hold on. I started to have visions of my child free couple of hours at bedtime gone, well not this little black duck. There was no way I was losing that, and I knew if I stopped that car it would be all over. There goes my uninterrupted dinner, my lying on the lounge watching that crappy show, the no one saying my name for two hours. But as crappy as that show was, it was worth fighting for. I had to do something.

I looked over on the seat next to me. An empty flavoured milk container, nah, too tricky, but maybe if I… nah, still too tricky. The beach towel from the weekend? That could work. Can’t muck around. And then I see it, lying between the front seats. The nappy that had somehow ended up on the car floor. Could I? Should I? Would that work? I was relying on those nappy commercials to live up to their extraordinary claims.

I quietly take the nappy in the true style of secret note passing in class. I am determined that no one will see me. As this takes place I continue to drive. I was fortunate enough to be wearing a skirt. Jeans… well then it would have been game over. But now for the tricky bit, lifting my bum up off the seat high enough to get it where it needs to be. Okay, okay, I hear ya. Enough with the details. But what I do need to tell you is that it worked and I would even go so far as to say… in a pickle, bladder not happy, consider a nappy.

While I could never have told anyone at the time, I can now tell the world. This is because looking back at those days I now know how I got through that busy time and stayed sane. It’s because I broke some rules, even if it was only to save being able to watch that crappy show on TV. Apology in advance to my children who will one day have their own parenting confessions. xxx

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