Published On: Tue, Dec 9th, 2014

Paper Airport and Aeroplanes

Inspired by a request from my son, this week we did some more Origami paper aeroplanes and built an airport too. The airport was easily made with a box, simply open it out, cutting off any unwanted flaps from the top or bottom (I left two on the bottom for standing support). The flaps I cut off from the top were used to make traffic control towers. We cut up a piece of paper into squares and glued them on for windows. Then had lots of fun throwing our paper planes into the airport down the hallway.

MW Paper Airport and Aeroplanes

Fold paper in half lengthways

MW Paper Airport and Aeroplanes4

Fold in the top corners to the middle

MW Paper Airport and Aeroplanes2

Fold sides into the middle again

MW Paper Airport and Aeroplanes3

Fold in half and then fold the wings down

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