Published On: Sat, Dec 6th, 2014

Paper Scrunch Craft

Even the very little ones can manage this activity (with a bit of help of course). Nan used the kids current favourite book characters as a guide, and they did a wonderful job! She used coloured tissue paper, but I’m sure you can get the same effect using normal paper, wrapping paper or origami paper, please yourself… It’s fun, cheap and easy right?

MW Paper Scrunch Craft

Cut the paper into squares & the kids will have a wonderful time scrunching them into little pieces. Then Nan drew outlines for them to glue them inside of. I think the kids wish Nan stayed with us more often!

MW Paper Scrunch Craft3

Nan and the kids made two designs, Cecil the sheep and the Rainbow Fish. Either follow a pattern of your own choosing, or make your own. Just make sure you give the kids an outline to fill







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