Published On: Wed, Aug 12th, 2015

Paper Strip Art

Paper strip art encourages children to create pieces of art that jump off the paper while remaining simplistic. While in this photo here you see arches and strips stuck on the page, children will surprise you with ways in which they manipulate the strips and stick it onto the paper. With our children, some folded the strips before sticking them on, some twisted it, some stuck the arches down in the middle to create two arches and some… well, we don’t want to give all the surprises away, simply to say it was evident this activity got their creative juIMG_0298ices flowing.

What you will need:
Strips of paper varying in lengthsĀ and colours
Sticky tape in a child friendly tape dispenser
White paper as your base for the art
An inspirational picture or prop can be helpful. We used a rainbow puzzle on the table.

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