Published On: Sun, Nov 23rd, 2014

Party Themes – Cats and Dogs

Birthday parties can be tricky. Everyone wants to delight the kids without spending ridiculous money on jumping castles, face-painters, clowns anMW Party Themes - Cats and Dogs5d elephants. Having a theme to the party can help you decide on all the variables such as invitations, dress-up, food, cake and games.

Party Themes - Cats and Dogs2

Once you have decided on a theme, a great way to go to give you direction, look online for all the associated party goods. The napkins, plates, table cloth etc OR, find what you can use from around the home to incorporate easily into your theme. Stickers for example convert plain to themed party bags in the blink of an eye and are a great party activity to do with the kids. A theme makes for a bit of dressing up & face painting fun, even for the grown-ups.

Game ideas are easy too when you have a theme. At our Cat and Dog party we played Cat Cat Dog, Musical Cats and Dogs, Cat & Dog races, the Bone Hunt, and & even had a Woof VS Meow competition.

Themed party food is easy. It simply takes a little imagination and adaptation of foods you already know.

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