Published On: Fri, Dec 12th, 2014

Peg and Sort Activity

At Busy Kids our aim is to provide you with activities that can easily be created at home where little money is spent. This activity is a classic example of this. This peg sorting game other than being fun, throws at young children an array of skills. Fine motor practising pincer grip, sorting and matching, colour recognition and spacial awareness with placement of the pegs. I would love to recommend this one for 2 year olds due to their interest in putting items in and out of things, but unfortunately due to the possibility of the springs coming apart from the pegs, small pieces are involved. For toddlers, present them with safe items to sort with no danger of swallowing. Food items like sultanas and peas would work here….. if they made it into the containers of course.

MW Peg and Sort Activity

Grab whatever pegs you have at your disposal. The amount of colours you have will depend on how many containers you will need.

MW Peg and Sort Activity2

In some way, (I used stickers) identify each container as representing one of the peg colours. Choose containers with no lip and a wide base.

MW Peg and Sort Activity3

Child must then match pegs according to colour by either placing it in the container or pegging it to the side, whatever is more achievable.

MW Peg and Sort Activity4

You don’t have to colour match, simply try taking a container out with you to the line when hanging out washing for kids to peg as you work.

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