Published On: Thu, Dec 11th, 2014

Photo Story Book

Well I guess this one is pretty much self-explanatory… Making story books with your children is a great tool to improve communication skills. When my (now) 6yr old was 2 she didn’t have a large vocabulary and was BIG on biting. So we made her a book about what to say when she got a bit emotional, trying to give her the words to use to avoid the physical alternative. It was a fun experience, so we decided to do it again. And here’s what we did:

Bought a small kids exercise book, although we had several at home that we could have used (for some reason my mum keeps giving them to the kids). Chose an event that we did recently – camping – and selected a group of photos that we took while we were there. You can chose any event; a birthday party, a trip to the zoo, or you could just run around the garden, house or park taking some snaps and create the story from those. Printing them up is easy on regular paper, 4 to a page or even smaller would be fine too.

You are the best judge of which kids are suited to what tasks in making the book. I had a good production line going – my 3yr old was cutting the pictures out from the paper and sticking them in the book, and my 6yr old was writing sentences to match the pictures. We added a heading out of stickers, and a bit of drawing and colouring too. Not only do they have fun making the books, but will read them over and over. Also most exercise books will have lots of leftover pages to make another book for next time!

MW Photo Story Book

Very light on the preparation side, if you don’t have photos then draw

MW Photo Story Book2

Your kids will not only be practicing their writing, but story creation

MW Photo Story Book3

We will be reading this until the pages fall out I think

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