Published On: Thu, Oct 23rd, 2014

Photo Treasure Box

Grab those photos at the back of the cupboard along with a shoe box, some strong tape, scissors, sticky tape and contact. Ensure you use photo’s you’re happy for kids to cut, remembering there is always the chance of a mistake. You can grab cheap boxes at one of the bargain shops but I chose to use a shoebox lying around. Ensure your box has a lid. Tape the edges of the lid to give it more strength.

Get kids to cut around the people. For younger children you may like to do a thick black line around the area you want cut to make it more obvious. Once all your photo’s have been cut out. Get kids to help you work out where the photos should go. I placed mine over the top of each other to have that collage look. When you have decided where you want a picture to go, place a piece of sticky tape on the back so it sticks temporarily to the lid. Once all in place, contact over the photos.

A treasure for sure. You can choose to simply use it as the box to place your bits and pieces in or give it to a loved one as a present. Whatever you do with it, I guarantee it will be a treasure to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

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