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Pokemon Party Ideas

My daughter Bella at aged 9 has discovered the world of Pokemon. With her birthday closing in she requested a Pokemon party. At first I groaned to myself. How in the world was I supposed to pull that off? But as I discovered, it was easier than I thought to come up with simple but fun Pokemon ideas wMW Pokemon Party Ideas 2hile slightly adapting some of the more traditional party games. Keep in mind these games listed below can be easily adapted to follow the theme of your next character party.

Who do you love?
In our entrance hall we stuck to the wall a variety of Pokemon character pictures. Next to each one was a texta. As the guests arrived they would look at the wall and decide which Pokemon they loved the best. When they decided, they wrote their names next to that character. Some kids couldn’t decide and felt it necessary to put their names on two characters. No fast rules here. As the guests left they would each stop to look at the wall to see what characters their friends liked the most. The kids found this both fun and interesting. Warning. Your kids may want to keep this up on the wall for some time 🙂

Pass the Pokeball  MW Pokemon Party Ideas3  
Everybody knows Pass the Parcel right. Well at our Pokemon party it was Pass the Pokeball! Children sat in a circle. As the music played they would pass the Pokeball around. When the music stopped they would then get a turn to look in the basket full of toys and choose one. No unwrapping here! The fun is in the choosing of a toy from the basket. This way there was no need for a winner and everyone felt they were taking home something a little extra from the party other than treats. You don’t need to spend a lot of money here. I was able to grab 17 soft toys from K-Mark for $1 each. Be creative or keep a look out for those bargains.

Roll a PikachuPokemon Party Ideas
This was the loudest game and the one where the kids had a chance to cheer each other on. Everyone sits in a circle. The game starts by one child cutting the chocolate with the knife and fork (give kids their own fork). They can continue to cut and eat while the Pokemon cube (a small box covered with characters we made) is passed around the circle with each child having a turn at rolling the cube. As soon as someone rolled Pikachu, the person eating the chocolate would have to pass the plate to the next child. The rules of only using the knife and fork to cut and eat the chocolate must be enforced. We had 17 children so found having two plates going better.

Pokemon CorneMW Pokemon Party Ideas4r
Grab four pokemon soft toys. If you don’t have any you can simply write the names of the characters on paper or have their pictures. Place each Pokemon on a chair and place these four chairs on at each corner with a good amount of space in the middle for dancing. Children dance, when the music stops they must quickly choose a Pokemon corner to go to. The music operator without looking then calls out one of the four Pokemon. The children that are in that corner miss one turn. After everyone has had a few dances then you can move on to a more “your out” style of game, but ensure everyone has had a good dance before doing this.

Pokemon Token HuntMW Pokemon Party Ideas5
Instead of simply handing kids a party bag on the way out, why not make this a game! We printed off about 300 tokens for a Pokemon Token Hunt game. Before the party, hide the tokens all over the house or an area your happy for the kids to be hunting around in. This could also be your backyard. Each child has an empty lolly box. When the hunt begins they must look for the tokens, rule is they could find two at a time, and when they do they take it to the lolly line. Here an adult sits with the lollies, each one representing a different token. Child hands the token over, and the adult gives the corresponding lolly. Example, find a Snivy character token, you get a snake etc. Loads of fun.

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