Privacy Policy

Mummy Weekly strives to make your experience with us a positive one. To help us achieve this, we have outlined our terms and conditions for those visiting the site. This document outlines Mummy Weekly’s expected behaviour of those visiting to help ensure a good experience for all.

This following document sets forth the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for the Mummy Weekly website at Mummy Weekly is bound by the Privacy Act, which sets out a number of principles concerning the privacy of individuals.

In Respect to Anonymous Information
Mummy Weekly gathers anonymous information in regards to its visitors. This information tells us such things as number of visitors, country of origin, what pages viewed, for how long and possibly IP addresses. It does not tell us who you are unless you leave a comment letting us know your name. It is simply a tool we use to monitor movement on the site to allow us information to better the content on the Mummy Weekly website. Mummy Weekly may publish this data for access by other organisations.

Mummy Weekly is not associated with any other website. At times Mummy Weekly may suggest sites you visit, or users may suggest a site through a blog or article, but in no way are these associated with Mummy Weekly.

In Respect to Registration
Visitors can view the website without providing personal information, however, for those who wish to become a member we ask for a name and an email address which we use to update you on Mummy Weekly happenings. Because your privacy is important to us this information is not shared with any other party. You will only receive emails from Mummy Weekly. We have the right to refuse membership to users whose names are considered inappropriate or are attempting to create multiple accounts or impersonate others. You may unsubscribe at any time and can do so by emailing us at or clicking on unsubscribe in our emails. Any content you have contributed however in the form of articles or comments may continue to be available online after unsubscribing but your personal details will be deleted from the Mummy Weekly database.

At times Mummy Weekly receives goods to review from companies. As a member you may be asked if you would like to do a review. This is entirely up to you and refusals are respected.

We do not share personal information such as email addresses and names with other bodies unless:

  • It will prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to somebody’s life or health.
  • It is required or authorised by law or the disclosure is reasonably necessary for the enforcement of the criminal law.
  • You have given us permission due to a story, post or advertisement.

Mummy Weekly uses social media links to Facebook and Twitter where information on comments and articles submitted are shared.

In Respect to Product Reviews
All products that mummy weekly receives for reviews are subject to the same scrutiny as a product purchased for a review. Products are accepted from companies with the understanding that it could result in either a favourable or poor review, as mummy weekly does not influence the writings of its reviewers. If a product has been given to a reviewer by us, it will be noted with a (PG) meaning product given, at the end of their written piece.

In Respect to Data Storage and Security
Personal information is password protected on Mummy Weekly technology devices, and is not kept anywhere in paper form by Mummy Weekly. When no longer required either due to your request to unsubscribe or details no longer correct, this personal information on our contacts list is deleted in a secure manner. If you wish to access or correct information you have submitted, you must submit this in writing when you contact us to make changes. Routine access to our members list  in regards to Mummy Weekly is limited to Mummy Weekly staff on a needs to know basis and not shared with outside companies or parties.

In Respect to Articles and Blogs Submitted
Mummy Weekly reserves the right to display or not articles submitted. If the article is put up on the site we alone make decisions regarding how long the article is up on the Mummy Weekly website for. Mummy Weekly has total editorial control over all content submitted to the site but will do so in consultation with you. We have the right to edit, remove or simply not to publish either for legal, editorial or operational reasons.

Any material you submit to the Mummy Weekly website be they photos, text including links or any other form of material, is the responsibility of the submitee. By contributing content, you agree to royalty free, non-exclusive licence to use your content in any way Mummy Weekly choose. You are however free to use the copy of your material submitted in any way you choose. Work submitted must be your own and you must ensure you are not infringing on any person’s rights. Any person under 18 years of age in your submission, you must have sought the consent of the guardian to feature them in your content. You should not assume that Mummy Weekly will keep your content in storage, it is therefore recommended you keep your own copy. Mummy Weekly will give appropriate credit when using your content.

Mummy Weekly advise that when posting comments or submitting any type of information that you exercise care in regards to publically sharing your personal information. We suggest you use handles or refrain from posting your full name to help protect your personal details from the general public. Please also refrain from using the full names of others.

Mummy Weekly expects all users to treat each other with respect in regards to comments and articles. Any posts that do not adhere to this are removed without question.

We will not be liable for any reason if the Mummy Weekly site or part of is unavailable for any period of time. We also reserve the right to restrict areas to our site even to those registered with us.

For advertising post details please read here.

In Respect to Copying Content from the Mummy Weekly Website
Mummy Weekly allows dispensation to Early Childhood Directors to distribute information to their centres parents only. To do this, the Mummy Weekly website must be clearly noted on the material along with the author and content unchanged. Working links must also be in place.

Targeted Audience
The Mummy Weekly site is aimed at adults only. While some content on the site is child friendly, many of our articles are aimed at adults. Please ensure that children who may use your technology device do not partake on or gain access to Mummy Weekly.

Disclaimer/Reliance of Information
Information and  opinions  expressed  on the  Mummy Weekly  site be  they  from  visitors  or  Mummy Weekly  staff  are  for  general  information  only  and  not  intended  to  target  specific and  unique  circumstances  or individuals.   Advice or purchases  in regards  to recommendations are up to the discretion of the reader. For specific advice to your situation please seek advice from your local professional/educator.  Mummy Weekly expects users to exercise their own judgement, skill & care in regards to any food or preparation, or other related material as printed on the Mummy Weekly website. Mummy Weekly takes no responsibility for errors in print, food related methods or suitability listed be they from visitors, or Mummy Weekly staff. Mummy Weekly takes no responsibility or has no ties to any other website even if a link is provided for educational use or submitted by the public.

Contacting Us
Mummy Weekly  welcomes your comments regarding this policy. If you have any questions about this document and would like further information, please contact us by email at