Published On: Sun, Jan 5th, 2014

Make an R2D2 Costume

With a Star Wars party coming up we knew the Rebel Alliance would be counting on R2D2 to be there, so we took it upon ourselves to make one. If you intend on tackling this Busy Kids, a weekend will need to be put aside due to the materials you will need to gather and the fact that paint must be completely dry before tackling next steps.

You will need: garbage bin, very large bowl, silver paint, white paint, paint brush, pencil, an R2 photo to copy design, blue Artline, Stanley knife and a couple of meters of med-wide elastic. Start by cutting the bottom out of the bin and the handles off the bowl. Now make two holes (that match up) at the front and two at the back of the bowl and body as these will be used to tie the head and body together,¬†and to hold the elastic in place that will go over your child’s shoulders.

  1. First cut the bottom out of the bin and the handles off the large bowl
  2. Paint the bin white. It will need 2 coats. If you can get yourself a white bin it will save you the trouble
  3. Paint the large bowl silver. Again two coats of paint will be required
  4. With pencil first, draw on the bin body and bowl head the classic R2 design. Use a photo to copy. Using blue Artline, go over the lines, and then fill with colour.
  5. Now punch two holes in the front and back of the bin, and two in the front and back of the bowl. The holes on both items will need to line up as elastic is then threaded through these holes to attach the bowl to the bin. (See pictures for help) From the holes I also ran elastic across the inside of the bin on either side, this meant that Bella could rest R2 onto her shoulders when she was inside.
  6. Ready for the party! I cut some holes out where R2’s buttons were so Bella could see, or you could cut a slit where the eyes are. Once our Star Wars party was over, R2 found a new home in Bella’s bedroom.

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