Published On: Sat, Oct 4th, 2014

Rainbow Ice Mountain

You will need:

  • A bowl that can be frozen (We used a laksa bowl but you can also use an ice-cream container)
  • Food colouring or edicol dye mixed with water in small containers or jars.  Ensure your colours are strong and vibrant.
  • Eye droppers one per colour
  • Cold water to fill the bowl.
  • Large mug of warm water to dissolve bicarb
  • Five heaped tablespoons of bicarb
  • Tray
Rainbow Ice Mountain IMG_0315
  • Place your bicarb into the mug of warm water to dissolve then pour it into the large bowl. The water should be white. If not add more bicarb until desired result. Making the water white helps the colour to stand out when dripped onto the ice.
  • Place your bowl into the freezer until frozen solid.
  • While freezing you can prepare your colours by simply adding the edicol or food colouring with a little water and placing each one into separate containers along with an eye dropper.
  • Take your ice out of the bowl and place it onto a tray along with your colours. Keeping everything on the one tray helps the dripping to stay contained.
  • Invite kids to use the droppers to colour the ice. When it is covered in colour, simply rinse your ice under cold water to remove the colour and start again!

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