Published On: Sat, Dec 13th, 2014

Rose-Coloured Glasses

MW Rose-Coloured Glasses

All you will need is some toilet rolls cut down to 1-2cm tall cylinders, some cellophane, pipe cleaners, glue and sticky tape

MW Rose-Coloured Glasses2

Glue the outside of the rings and stick the cellophane as best you can to the rolls, cutting off any excess and securing it with some sticky tape

MW Rose-Coloured Glasses3

Carefully (Mummy job) make two holes in opposite ends of the rings. One for the glasses arm and the other to connect the frames

MW Rose-Coloured Glasses4

Join the two together and you have a pair of very snazzy glasses

MW Rose-Coloured Glasses5

My 3yo was happy for the rosey look, but my 6yo said of course she wants clear cellophane, how else will she read?

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