Published On: Wed, Feb 4th, 2015

Royal Caribbean – Voyager of the Seas Review

For our summer vacation we wanted something child friendly, adult minded and grandparent approved. Well we more than found it. We booked an 11 day cruise on the Royal Caribbean to Fiji, hubby, myself, three kids aged 7, 8 and 8 and Grandma Grandpa.

Voyager of the Seas is certainly a ship designed with families in mind. There is always something to do be it a live show, movie, ice skating, dancing, shopping, kids club, competitions by the pool, the list goes on and on.

The ice skating rink was a favourite for the kids although it was busy and we had to go back a couple of times before we could get in. The ice skating show was fabulous, in fact all the shows were entertaining and you could see they were trying to cater their entertainment to suit a wide variety of people. The grandparents were enthralled by the music shows, and the kids with the magicians. The kids also loved the disco, and having it in the night club added to the I’m a big kid feel.

The food was great. Our favourite family eatery was the Windjammer providing a huge variety of food that was appealing to all in the family, from Asian cuisine to fish and chips for the kids. I was impressed with how fast they replenished the buffet and tended to it constantly. The beautiful watermelon carvings had us hunting these down each meal time to see what those talented people had created for that day.

The crew worked hard at helping to ensure their passengers did not get sick. At the door to every restaurant there were hand wash stations where they asked you to use the hand sanitizer liquid before entering. A round of applause to you Royal Caribbean. Nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars on a cruise only to be struck down with something nasty.

We loved our rooms. They were clean, had nice decore, were tended to well by housekeeping and I could of sat on that balcony for the whole cruise and not moved. The hallway tended to smell a little moldy, but this certainly was not the case in our cabin.

We never used the kids club because we never saw a need! There were so many family activities such as the rock climbing and mini gold that all in the family were busy and happy doing at the same time. For those times were we were looking for something to do we would go to one of the lounges with the Uno cards. I highly recommend you take a game everyone can play together along with paper and textas. We found these most helpful when the adults were still eating and the kids were starting to fidget in their seats. Getting them drawing gave us extra adult chit chat time.

The children’s water play area on the ship was shaded and had a small water slide and pool next to it. The pool however is far too deep, a nightmare if you have littlies playing in this space. In this area I would of loved it catered to the 2-6 age group. Not only was the pool right next to the little slide not appropriate for small children, the floor around the slide was SUPER slippery. Each time the kids got out of the slide pool to again go up the stairs, they would slip and fall. This area is a bad accident waiting to happen. It was that slippery we only took the kids there once. Big shame. The kids also hardly used the main pool. A bit of a swell and it simply looked too dangerous for kids not confident in the water. For us, lack of water activities however were not missed due to the mountain of other activities on offer.

The ship has just had a multi million dollar refurbishment, and while it has impressed returning guests, the recent increase in passengers on the ship due to additional cabins can be a logistical nightmare. I wish them luck with that, no-one likes to stand in a long line.

If you’re looking for value in a family holiday then this is it. We liked that there we no surprise costs once we had paid for the cruise. There was an additional cost for drinks such as coke and alcohol of course, but we found the free American style lemonade was great. We are eager to book our next cruise and are currently looking at cruising with Carnival to check out the competition. It’s game on, and I can’t wait to play!

We hope you found our Voyager of the Seas Review helpful when choosing your next holiday.

By Danielle Mantakoul
Copyright 2015

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