Published On: Tue, Dec 9th, 2014

Shaving Cream Fun

This one is an oldie but a goodie. I remember my mum setting us up to play with this when I was young(er), I have been told she was a woman ahead of her time. The idea is very basic, but so much fun for the kids. All you need is a can of non-toxic shaving foam and a cleanable table or surface for the kids to work on – for me this meant a plastic, hose-able table outside on the lawn. Note: the new style gel shaving stuff will be no good, you need the good old foam for this purpose.

Spray the foam all over the table and spread it out, then watch as the kids have a great time making pictures and patterns. It is another great sensory processing activity to help them experience learning through their sense of touch. True to form my kids wanted to involve all sorts of things from the garden too, leaves, flowers and balls. And even though this IS a messy kind of fun, it is so easily cleaned and if you do it just before bath time then it doesn’t matter if they get it all through their hair – as all 3 of mine did.

All ages will enjoy this activity, but due to the medium, it is best suited to 3+ as the bubs will tend to want to put it in their mouths. Just be aware that kids will also enjoyed wiping it all over each other too, harmless, at least it’s a facial product! When done, hose down the table and the kids if you can catch them.

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