Published On: Mon, Oct 20th, 2014

Smurf Jelly Slice

smurf jelly sliceIngredients:
Condensed Milk 225mls
Hot Water 400mls
Blue Heaven Aeroplane Jelly 1pkt
Boiling Water 250ml
Oil Spray

1. First make your bottom layer of white by putting 225mls of condensed milk into a bowl.

2. Combine 60ml of cold water with 7 teaspoons of gelatin and mix. Add to bowl with condensed milk.

3. Add 400mls of hot water into the bowl and stir well.

4. Lightly spray your container and wipe with cling wrap to ensure all surface covered.

5. Pour mixture from bowl into container to around 1cm deep. Let cool for around 10 minutes then place in fridge. Your first layer needs to be fully set before you move on to your second.

6. Now make your blue layer using the aeroplane jelly by mixing crystals with 250ml boiling water and an extra tspn of gelatin. Stir till all dissolved. Let cool till room temp and carefully pour onto your previously prepared white layer. Place back into fridge to set.

7. Once blue jelly set repeat steps to make another white layer for the top. Each layer should be the same thickness around 1cm.

8. Once all layers set put a larger lid over the top of the jelly and flip. It should slip straight out. Lift container, cut squares carefully and serve with blueberries. (Humming Smurf song throughout necessary)

Enjoy your Smurf Jelly!

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