Published On: Tue, Oct 21st, 2014

Spring Cake

2 Packets of cake mix and ingredients required to make it on back of box.
3 Boxes of white fondant
Food colouring
Icing sugar

Combine your two packets of cake mix and cook. While cooking talk about a design with the kids. You can even get them drawing their ideas. I suggest you guide them into a very basic design, something they can truly create. The temptation to get intricate with the fondant might be there, but you will only be setting the kids up for frustration. Because we decided we were doing a Spring Cake we chose to do some big happy flowers. Find some basic tools that will help you achieve your shapes, for us it was a mini juicer to cut the yellow circles and a kids knife to shape the petals. (Raid your playdough box for tools.) Get the kids to roll out the fondant on a bench dusted with icing sugar, then add a few drops of colouring getting the kids to work the dough. Once you have coloured all the fondant you need and the cake is totally cooled, roll out a large circle of fondant onto baking paper, flip it upside down onto the cake and smooth out lightly with a roller. Cut excess around edge then get busy designing the top of your cake with the pattern you and the kids created. Fondant is like working with Playdough, so you’ll find the kids have loads of fun and feel like they have done this before only now they can eat what they create. Happy designing!

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