Published On: Fri, Oct 24th, 2014

Stick Insect Best Pet

Not a fan of having a pet in your house but hounded by the kids for one? We discovered the perfect pet last week while arriving home one afternoon from school. There at our front door stuck in a spiderweb, a stick insect. A Children’s Stick Insect to be exact as there are many different kinds, 150 in Australia alone.  After much excitement from the kids, we got to working on an enclosure for our new pet.

First we found a container big enough to happily hold our Stick Insect. Then we went on a Gum leaf hunt. We then placed a supply of leaves into a vase to keep a stockpile of food. Ours loves Gum leaves, but be aware that depending on what type of insect you have they like different types of leaves. Place the leaves into the container standing up as they like to climb.

Put the Stick Insect in and place some sort of netting over the top. Netting is great because it allows lots of fresh air to circulate. We used the netting bag from a pack of garlic. Spray a fine mist into the container once set up. If you do this every day it will help to keep your leaves fresh longer. Careful not to over water. You can drown your Stick Insect. Every two to three days take the insect out, give the container a quick rinse and add fresh leaves. You will soon get to know where those trees are that you need to get your supply from.

No matter what pet your kids have, taking care of animals teaches kids responsibility, environmental awareness, life and death, appreciation, commitment and much much more.
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