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The Pros And Cons Of Having A Pool At Home

The Pros And Cons To Having A Pool At HomeA backyard pool is a very big investment, both of money in building and maintaining the pool and also time in keeping the pool in good shape. A pool is a permanent addition to your home so you should give careful consideration to owning a swimming pool before making the big decision to install one.

Pools offer endless hours of fun for the whole family as well as provide a great way to get regular exercise. They are great for entertaining and really help you cool off in hot weather. So how do you decide if you really want a pool? Here are some of the pros and cons for you to look at. For further information on installing and maintaining a pool in your backyard, take a look online at Alliance Pool Stores.

The Pros of Owning a Pool
Firstly, a pool will add value to your home. Yes, it is a big investment, but most real estate agents agree that installing a pool offers excellent return on investment.

Another great advantage of owning a pool is that it offers a fantastic (and largely free) exercise option in your own backyard. Many people don’t exercise because they can’t be bothered getting into the car and travelling to a gym or publiThe Pros And Cons To Having A Pool At Home2c pool. Having a pool in your own backyard can really impact on your health in a very positive way. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise and is also highly recommended for anyone with muscle or joint weakness. Water means that joints and limbs can be exercised without putting weight and pressure on them.

Pools are an excellent way to entertain. Having a pool party takes all the work out of throwing a party. Simply invite your guests and tell them to bring their swimming costumes. Throw a few sausages on the backyard barbeque and you have all the ingredients for a fun party. Kids will never be bored at a party with a pool.

The Cons of Having a Backyard Pool
The first thing to take into consideration is the cost of installing a pool. It is a significant investment. You can save money by choosing an above ground pool especially on excavation costs. Building an inground pool usually means your backyard will be out of action for several months too.

This isn’t where the costs end either. Maintaining a pool with chlorine and other chemicals can be an expensive business, particularly if you allow the pool to fall into disrepair and go green.  You will also be required to replace parts like the filter and the pump from time to time. You also need to factor in the cost of a pool fence, which are now mandatory in Australia. A pool cover is also a good idea for helping keep the pool clean in bad weather.

There is work involved in keeping your pool well maintained. Someone will have to vacuum the pool as well as check the pH levels on a regular basis. You can hire someone to service your pool but this will be another expense.

Australian’s love the water, so a pool can make a great addition to your weekends with the family. Whatever your water activity, remember to keep a close eye on the kids and have a little water safety training under your belt.

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