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The Ten Minute Clean For Busy Mums

Are you committed to your work and your family, leaving little time for yourself? Why spend any more time on cleaning? The best way to save time is to hire some help. Cleaning services, such as AMC Brisbane, offer professional cleaning of carpets, stone and tiled flooring, upholstery and windows. However, you can try these quick and easy cleaning tips for the times that you just need a quick clean

De-clutterThe Ten Minute Clean For Busy Mums2
One of the quickest ways to make an area look tidy is by de-cluttering. Clutter builds up fast on surfaces such as kitchen benches, coffee tables, bathroom counters and dinning tables. Rather than spending lots of time putting everything away in cupboards or draws, simply organise your odds and ends and then group them in one place on any given surface. If there is a lot of clutter in common areas, such as the dining room, kitchen or lounge, group piles according to which family member they belong to. You can then ask each family member to take their belongings back to their bedrooms or where they rightfully belong.

Wipe Down Surfaces
You would be amazed how much greasy or dusty surfaces affect the appearance of a room. Surfaces that are used often, such at the kitchen bench or countertop, dinning table and coffee tables quickly become covered with water and oil residue, fingerprints and food debris. This is especially true of wood and glass surfaces. By simply wiping these surfaces with a cleaning agent or cleaning wipe, you can have you house looking cleaner in minutes, while making these surfaces more hygienic for your family.

Clean the Toilet
While it’s easy to close the door and hide the toilet from view, it is always better to take the time to clean it. There is nothing more embarrassing than that unexpected guest popping in and during their visit using your unclean toilet! By giving your toilets a quick scrub with disinfectant and a toilet brush you will have the room looking and smelling great in an instant. Alternatively you can buy hangiThe Ten Minute Clean For Busy Mumsng toilet cleaners that hang in the bowl and continuously maintain and freshen the toilet.

Vacuum High Traffic and High Use Areas
While vacuuming is time consuming if you do the entire house, it can be quick if you concentrate on high traffic areas. This includes areas where people enter from outdoors, kitchen spaces, hallways and any other areas your family uses often. Alternatively, you can invest in a robotic roaming vacuum that you can leave on while you aren’t home. These machines actively seek out dust and debris all by itself. This will save you loads of time and prevents you from having to lug a vacuum around.

Although finding time, as a busy mum can be difficult, with these helpful hints, you can keep you home looking clean and organised in just 10 minutes. So what about you? What cleaning tips do you have for busy mums?

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