Published On: Tue, Dec 9th, 2014

Tissue Paper Flowers

With a couple of tissues and a pipe cleaner, you can make the most beautiful flowers. Due to the fine motor needed though, this is one for the bigger kids. These flowers are so effective, you will find that your kids can’t stop at making just one.

MW Tissue Paper Flowers

Take two tissues placing one on top of the other and cut them in half

MW Tissue Paper Flowers2

Then place the two cut pieces one on top of the other

MW Tissue Paper Flowers3

Fold the tissue as you would to make a fan. Carefully keep it neat

MW Tissue Paper Flowers4

With your folding complete, hold together firmly


MW Tissue Paper Flowers5

Secure pipe cleaner around the middle of the folded tissue just tight enough to keep in place

MW Tissue Paper Flowers6

Once your stem is secure, pull the fan edges outwards to meet each other & press together

MW Tissue Paper Flowers7

Now separate the four layers of tissue by peeling apart, pulling upwards as you work your way round

MW Tissue Paper Flowers8

Kids can dip the edges of their completed flowers into water coloured paint or use texta to add colour

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