Published On: Tue, Jul 29th, 2014

What’s All The Snorting About Peppa Pig?

Danielle Mantakoul

What Your Child Learns From Peppa PigThe more I read about the negativity surrounding Peppa Pig on the internet the more annoyed I became. So I decided it was time to speak up for this positively perfect pig family.

Firstly, Mummy and Daddy Pigs parenting skills are second to none. They are always calm, explain themselves and put the needs of their little piggies first. Many could take a leaf out of their book when it came to great parenting.

Some have argued that they are too soft allowing Peppa in particular to get away with things like being bossy and back chatting, and that George is allowed to cry at the drop of a hat with no consequence. Hello… he’s a toddler that’s what they do, and anyone who knows anything about behaviour management and toddlers, is that you ignore the tantrum! As for Peppa, if she were their child I have no doubt the critics would think she was simply a confident outgoing kid, and even felt proud that she says what she thinks and speaks up for herself.

In one episode Peppa tells another character she thinks that a suggested idea for a present for Granny and Grandpa sounds boring. While this may make us cringe, this is a realistic response from a child, raw, innocent and packed full of truth. This, is what I believe has made the show so appealing to young children. They understand it, get it, can relate, and when kids feel like they can relate to certain experiences, they are far more likely to learn from them. Mummy and Daddy Pig are exceptionally good at guiding behaviour when necessary and not simply for parenting’s sake!

With a small group of people snorting very loudly about Peppa pig, I simply say change the channel. And so, I would like to snort forward myself some of the great things that Peppa Pig is teaching your kids.

1. Girls can grow up to do or be anything. Just ask Miss Rabbit!

2. You’re not alone. Everyone’s little brother cries, is repetitious and even annoying.

3. Wearing the same clothes over and over is absolutely fine.

4. Cousins can be bossy but we still love to see them.

5. Getting dirty is great fun and even a bonding experience.

6. Sometimes friends get cross, but give it 4.2 minutes, and it can be all worked out.

7. Families are different. Some are cats, some sheep & yes some pigs, but this doesn’t mean we can’t all get along.

8. Even Daddies make mistakes, and as he shows, it’s perfectly okay to laugh at yourself.

So here’s to you Mummy, Daddy, Peppa and George. May you continue to snort loudly and proudly. As far ahead as when my children have left home, if I happen to catch of glimpse of you on the TV, I have no doubt it will make me smile and think of my own little piggies who laughed with Daddy Pig, felt for George when he lost Mr Dinosaur, were concerned for Mummy Pig when the computer wouldn’t work and understood Peppa’s sense of endless fun.

By Danielle Mantakoul
Copyright 2014

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