Published On: Tue, Dec 16th, 2014

Why I Ignored You On Halloween

Danielle Mantakoul

I have a confession. If you visited mWhy I ignored you on halloweeny house on Halloween I ignored you, yes it’s true. Why would I do this? For me it’s simple. I cannot bring myself to take part in a “tradition” and I use that term loosely, where we encourage our kids, and even assist them with knocking on other people’s door and asking them for food.

Halloween reminds me of sleepovers. We put our trust in the hands of those we may not know too well, and don’t give it a second thought to it. I find this a totally bizarre idea!

I hear many of you. “But there are so many people now taking part”! Sure, but this does not make it any more of a better idea.

I believe that the $2 and discount shops have had a BIG influence on the increasing number of Halloweeners. Years ago the Halloween section in these shops was small and in some maybe even non-existent. Now? Well these shops are bursting at the seams with Halloween merchandise so much so, that it is just about out the door.

I also have no desire to create fear in my kids, even in the name of a good time. While I can appreciate the element of fun here for older children, young children’s minds can easily run away from them. I don’t let them watch scary stuff on TV, why would I encourage them to participate in it?

Sure dressing up is fun, princesses especially Queen Elsa is now all the rage moving away from the more traditional witches and ghosts.  I think this is great, but if Halloween takes place in our house, it will be a few years yet.

My daughter Bella aged 9 said it best when she wrote on our front door.

“Please do not come but enjoy happy halloween anyway”.

By Danielle Mantakoul
Copyright 2014

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