Published On: Sun, Dec 14th, 2014

Woolen Pom Poms

These golden oldies are still a winner with the kids and can be used for so many things. You can use them as simple decorations, or turn them into something fun such as we did by making monsters. The kids even took a liking to them as balls to throw around the house on a rainy day. Even though it seems an easy activity, my just 4 year old struggled with some of the fine motor skills required, making my recommendation a 5+.

MW Woolen Pom Poms

All you will need for this one is a ball of wool, scissors, and two doughnut-shaped discs made from cardboard, measured very precisely with an upside-down cup.

MW Woolen Pom Poms2

Start winding the wool around BOTH discs. I cut manageable lengths about 6 feet long, 4 of these will be enough to first cover the cardboard, need up to 10 lengths.

MW Woolen Pom Poms3

Then add another layer over the top. When you start a new length of wool, it doesn’t need to be tied, but make sure the end is loose on the outer edge of the disc.

MW Woolen Pom Poms4

When done, find the cardboard again and get the scissors in between the two discs, cutting the wool all the way around. Keep your fingers firmly on the donut’s centre.

MW Woolen Pom Poms5

Very carefully with a longish piece of wool slide it between the cardboard and tie a knot as tightly as possible. I wound it around and knotted another time for extra security.

MW Woolen Pom Poms6

Carefully pull off or cut the cardboard discs out being careful not to cut any of your wool, and there you have it,  perfect poms.






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